My name is Kelsey, and I am a Fulbright Fellow and Visiting Researcher at Lakehead University (read more about me here). I am traveling throughout the Lake Superior basin of northwestern Ontario, interviewing people who live close to the land about the ways climate change is impacting their well-being. I am talking to anglers, hunters, trappers, people who practice traditional skills, and farmers, and sharing their stories here. 

I named this project Boreal Heartbeat because the people I am interviewing are the lifeblood of this region. They are intimately connected to the land and waters of this region, and know its climate better than anyone. Also, the boreal forest is the heartbeat of our earth. The boreal forest is one of the largest ecological zones on the planet, covering much of northern Canada, and parts of the northern United States, Russia and Scandinavia. The boreal forest is particularly sensitive to climate change, and is expected to see the most severe temperature increases of anywhere else on earth. In listening to these stories people have shared, I'm taking a pulse of the Lake Superior boreal region's people and landscapes.

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