The Interviews 

When I interviewed people for this project, I also asked them, "What is the primary emotion or feeling you experience when you think about climate change and its impacts?" The chalkboard messages they hold in their photographs reflect those emotions (and other sentiments).

Philip McGuire, Red Rock
Sean Murray, Thunder Bay
Esther Huibers and Carl Norlin, Neebing
Brenda and Dan Baughman, Red Lake/Nolalu
[Name Withheld], Pays Plat First Nation
Gary Davies, Neebing
Julia Prinselaar, Thunder Bay
Rosalind and Gary Cano, Kenora
Angela Massey, Dryden
John Zahn, Thunder Bay
Duncan Michano, Biigtigong/Pic River First Nation
Brian Gionet, Marathon
John Twance, Biigtigong/Pic River First Nation
Chris McCallum, Thunder Bay
Marcelle Paulin and Brendan Grant, Pass Lake
Ledah McKeller, Thunder Bay
Donna and Tom Morriseau, Nipigon
Paul Turpin, Rossport
Kurtis Girdwood, Terrace Bay
Christine Drake, Marathon
Ashely Davis, Terrace Bay
Diana and Larry Bockus, Kakabeka Falls
Gord Ellis, Thunder Bay

* This is a list of the participants who agreed to share their photographs and interviews publicly.